Age is just a number when it comes to developing skills of children at early year. Childs brain absorbs maximum at age below 5years and almost 95%brain is already formed.

Neither we shall expect formal Academic performances, nor we can just leave young talents underutilised at sensitive period of life.

Join Online or OFFline learn the Certification course on- ART OF HOMESCHOOLING Lets together form chain of Experts-Students-Parents join hands to keep moving, keep learning.

With one in 4 teenager suffers from depression and one student commit suicide every hour in India. We keep pretending that like today’s generation are anything from fragile to obsessed about their outer looks and needs.

To their Regular Academics lets add topics for exploring self like: -

  • Self-awareness, Emotional Regulation and Acceptance
  • Trust issues, Anxiety and Anger management
  • Self Esteem and Confidence building techniques
  • Managing Puberty, Abuses Bullying, Fear, Stress and many more such everyday emotions.

With hands-on fun, Interactive, Musical and Art based activities, it’s a platform to Unmute and LETS TALK ABOUT EMOTIONS & FEELINGS !

Training program initiated For Parents together with experts to accept & understand the challenges of individual child’s needs and get equipped with Theoretical and Practical resources to make life of our children more convenient being safe @ Home.

Call for all the Learning Parents of children with special need who

  • falls under Spectrum.
  • Neither attending regular Schooling.
  • Nor able to afford multiple Therapies.
  • Interested in affordable Home schooling and Home based therapy.

Expert Therapist Available Online an Offline Assessments Therapies and Guidances

With increasing rate of Sexual Abuses and Puberty Challenges, considering the importance of responsibilities of every Childs physical mental and emotional health and happiness.

Overcoming the Taboo on this sensitive and life threatening issues Free Awareness webinars are conducted for Parents, Teachers, Care givers in Society.

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