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We are a ‘not for profit’ organization dedicated to the Early stimulation of Brain and overall development of children from conception to age five. We are researchers, strategists, practitioners, parents, and community members dedicated to turning knowledge and research into measurable change, and to remove the stagnation of preschool business.

What makes us different?

  • It’s not schooling. It’s learning.
  • It’s not teaching. Its stimulating young brain.
  • Nominal fees structure.
  • Limited student with one on one observation.
  • “NO” to any gadgets or distracting rides.
  • Unique scientific & technical methods of teaching.
  • Homework for parents to work with children.
  • Against formal teaching of 3 R’s (Reading, writing, arithmetic).
  • Learning program based on achievement of age appropriate milestone.
  • Program is Transparent, with continuous involvement and updates of both parents and educators together.

AtSAMRIDDHI Curriculum is based on research “Curriculum is an ongoing process that goes on in a program from the moment a child arrives until they leave". Teachers plan, implement, observe, reflect, and make adjustments based on individual child’s needs and the needs of the group, and makes hundreds of decisions about the best ways to help them reach their full potential.
Tiny tots at SAMRIDDHI early learning program dance, twirl, play, hop, skip, jump, shout, scream, uses materials and props for everything they do, get aware of this beautiful world, introduce to basic school skill, acquires age appropriate growth, explore, experience and enjoy their childhood.

"These developmental years are not just a chance to educate, but they are actually your obligation to form a brain. If you miss this opportunities, you have missed them forever."

Dr. Michaelphelps (UCLA)

Know Our Founder

Neetu was born in Mumbai. She is MASTERS in MA, M.Com. And MBA She was an IAS aspirant. She was also an NCC cadet and won MULTIPLE titles as UNIVERSITY BEST CADET OF THE YEAR, UNIVERSITY BEST YOGA student. She was honored by the than chief minister of Maharashtra for the STATE LEVEL BEST RIFLE SHOOTER.
She joined Mumbai University Degree collage and was the youngest lecturer. Her hard work, teaching skills and active participation with students brought her further glory.
She contributed to the society not only as a teacher but also directly connecting to people who needed help. She was a volunteer at HELEN KELLER REHABILITATION CENTER FOR DEAF AND BLIND. She was volunteer with ROTARY CLUB FOR POLIO AND AIDS ERADICATION PROGRAM, trainee at HOMEGUARD EMERGENCY RESQUE training center
Neetu believes in continues teaching and learning. After marriage, she moved to Paris, France and acquired diplomas and certifications in French Language, Social Life, Early Learning and teaching.
Motherhood and parenting brought a whole new perspective in her life. She began her freelance research on Early child brain development. With continues support and guidance of her Doctorate Husband and after a detailed study and practical experience; she designed and came up with a unique EARLY LEARNING PROGRAM.
THE EARLY LEARNING CENTER ‘SAMRIDDHI’ was then born in 2014. She began with 2 students at her home and in less than 3 years she sets the foundation of around 200 young brains of tiny toddlers from age of 6 months onwards, stimulates young brains and helps them to get ready for learning and for the living.
After getting inspired by one genius SPECIAL kid, she made Learning at SAMRIDDHI open for all whether able or differently able children with “EARLY INTERVENTION AND INCLUSIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM”. She is now engaged with spastic society Karnataka, identifies learning and developmental issues at earliest and works together with parents to help young kids to get into mainstream as early as possible.
She gives utmost importance to parent’s role in child’s Early years development and so involves them in classroom learning, keep them updated to child’s growth and developmental milestones through regular counselling and parenting sessions

By Roshni. (Freelance writer/Parent/friend)

Dr. Mahesh Pavar (PhD).
Scientist and Co-founder of Early Learning Program.

“I firmly believe that every child is born Scientists, they make an observation of object and environment around them, form hypothesis of their thoughts, dares to perform experiment, uses their abilities to analyse data and presents report”.

Each child is special, each one is unique and so we cannot expect them all to follow one common curriculum. Well, trained team of special and professional educators at SAMRIDDHI respects each Childs uniqueness and capabilities also understands the importance of EARLY LEARNING and so follows flexible lesson plan considering individual child’s needs, requirement, growth and development. We are group of professionals, experts and parents working together for change in Education methodology for happier present and brighter future.

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