Astonishing fact the Neuroscience

About Our Human Brain
Here is an astonishing fact the Neuroscience is telling us:

“Although at the moment of birth the human brain weighs between 300 and 370 grams during the first two years it increases in size by up to 300 percent"

"Child is born with around 100 thousand million neurons Each neurons has hundred and thousands of connections with other cellsthis implies an unimaginably complex interchange, by the age of 3 the child has roughly twice as many synapses as adults might have”

“If you lose these years to form brains permanent circuitries you lose it forever”

Education started after that will give you only intelligent kids not genius innovators.

At SAMRIDDHI we are very well aware of the fact that kids at early years are not meant for formal education, cannot be instructed or controlled, at the same time we understands that Stimulation to the brain during this time is imperative as it strengthened connections and absorbs information’s like a sponge.

And a child who arrives at school with an inner core of social, emotional and basic skills will be ready to learn with joy without being overburdened.

A unique LEARNING program designed for children. It’s not pre-schooling it’s just learning at CHILD FRIENDLY environment. Based on everyday observations by educators, learning and stimulation is transparent and flexible according to individual child’s capacity and capabilities. Let the child play, explore the tiny world and experience the joy of learning and growing like never before!

"The question is not whether you can afford to invest in Early Learning; it is whether you can afford not to"

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